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Charlott received his B.S. in Molecular Biology in 2015 at Universidad Ana G. Mendez (San Juan, Puerto Rico). He then completed a Master of Health Science in 2018 at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland). In 2019, Charlott accepted a position as lab manager for Dr. Eric Hunter’s team at Emory University where he investigated whether, during HIV infection, a selection bias exists for consensus amino acids in heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 subtype A.

Charlott is now a PhD candidate in immunology and joined the Paiardini lab at the beginning of 2023 to investigate the efficacy of immune-based interventions on controlling or eradicating SIV/HIV. More precisely, he is studying how the combination of IL-15, IL-21 and broadly neutralizing antibodies could be used as a shock and kill strategy to clear SIV infection. He also looks at strategies to induce apoptosis of the viral reservoir in a NHP model.

In addition to science, Charlott likes to play video games as well as watching anime and horror movies. He describes himself as epicurious and loves travelling around the world to discover new cultures. He is also a swiftie and love everything that is Taylor Swift related.

Charlott Morel, M.H.Sc.

PhD Candidate

Charlott Morel, M.H.Sc.



  • PhD Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis, Emory University (Atlanta, GA), 2022-Current

  • Master of Health Science, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD), 2017-2018

  • B.S. Biology, Universidad Ana G. Mendez (San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2011-2015


  • Lab manager, Dr. Eric Hunter Lab, Emory University (Altanta, GA), 2019-2022

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