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U01 AI169767, NIH/NIAID

Complementing broadly neutralizing antibodies and autologous responses to restrict virus escape and durably suppress HIV-1

Betts and Lynch (PI), Role: PI for Emory subcontract


Enterprise for Research and Advocacy to Stop and Eradicate HIV (ERASE-HIV) 

Paiardini (MPI), Kulpa, and Silvestri (co-PI)


Reversing Immune Dysfunction for HIV-1 Eradication (RID-HIV)

Chanda (MPI), Cannon, and Sekaly (co-PI), Role: PI for Emory Subcontract


Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE)

Margolis (MPI), Role: PI for Emory Subcontract

R01 NS126090, NIH/NINDS

Revealing the role of platelets in promoting HIV reservoir seeding and persistence in the CNS-resident myeloid cells

Maggirwar (PI), Role: PI for Emory subcontract

P51 OD011132-60S4, NIH/OD

Role of type-I IFN in regulating COVID-19 induced inflammation and pathogenesis

Role: PI for P51 Supplement

P51 OD011132-60, NIH/OD

Developing an NHP model for understanding the biological causes of long COVID-19

Role: PI for P51 Supplement

R01 MH125457, NIH/NIMH

Determining the relative contribution of CD4 T cells and macrophage to HIV persistence and rebound

Paiardini and Estes (PI)

R56 AI150401, NIH/NIAID

Mobilizing host defenses to lymphoid sites of HIV persistence to induce remission

Paiardini and Lederman (PI)

FastGrants #2144 & #2206, Emergent Ventures/George Mason University

Testing therapeutics to block SARS-CoV-2 replication and COVID-19 pathogenesis in the non-human primates animal model

Paiardini (PI)

The William I.H. and Lula E. Pitts Foundation

Testing antiviral activity of RS-3762

Paiardini (PI)

MP3 SG 2020 COVID-19-3, Emory University

Blocking cell entry with Baricitinib as therapy for 2019-nCoV severe acute respiratory syndrome

Paiardini (PI)

Pilot Grant to P51 OD11132, Yerkes Primate Research Center

Determining SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis, viral dynamics, and immune responses in nonhuman primate models

Paiardini (PI)

R37 AI141258, NIH/NIAID

Harnessing IL-10 in cART treated SIV infected macaques to restore immunity and to eradicate HIV

Sekaly (PI), Role: PI for Emory subcontract